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Getting Real

What is really real, really true in my life?

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A Handful of Little Willie Poems
I've been decluttering and came across a few Little Willie poems that I had mislaid. I knew they'd surface sooner or later. They are written with more modern situations in view. The original Little Willie poems were written in the late 1800's, so perhaps we can imagine that dear William's multiple-greats-grandson and namesake takes after him?

[Correction: The original Little Willie poems were written in the early 1900's.]

[A brief note regarding the third poem: Japan has been on my mind and in my heart. The city I live in--Saint Paul, Minnesota--is a sister city to Nagasaki. Nagasaki itself was several hundred miles from the quake's epicenter and unhurt by the tsunami, but of course they are horrified for family, friends, and acquaintances now suffering through unfathomable devastation. Check out
these photos comparing the two. May God have mercy on us.]

Little Willie, being spiteful,
Of the dentist took a biteful.
But his dental hygiene wasn't lost--
He brushed off the dentist. And then he flossed.

Willie's family no longer tries
To travel through the friendly skies.
It's not the planes, though . . . here's the jist:
Young Willie is on the "no fly" list.

When touring a nuclear reactor,
Protocol is just one factor.
To keep the place from melting down,
It's smart to get Willie out of town.


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I always like your Little Willie poems. They're short, hilarious, and sometimes deadly. Poor dentist.

And Japan is indeed in our hearts. A former coworker of mine is actually from Minn, although I'm not sure if she's from the Twin Cities.

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