Getting Real

What is really real, really true in my life?

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Little Willie has a bit of fun in the snow . . .
We've had snow on the ground for a while now in my neck of the woods. So in honor of winter, I submit the following Little Willie poem:

It's such a lot of fun to ski—
Our Willie hit the slopes with glee!
His yodeling made people blanch,
Because it caused an avalanche.

'Course, I've got lots of "big important real life things" to write about, but that all takes more keyboard time than I have available right now, at least for another couple months or more. Within the next several months, I'll be able to buy a computer of my own and have 24/7 Internet access. Till then, I make do. Right now I have barely enough time to read email, so it's a challenge. In the meantime, I do most of my writing by hand and plan for the day my own web connection is up and running. It can't be too soon!


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