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Hidden Away: Have You Heard It Yet?

I hope you’ve had a chance to hear “Hidden Away,”

the lead song on Josh Groban’s upcoming album,  Illuminations, due out in November. Even if you didn’t catch the free download, the song is available on iTunes for $1.29 or as an MP3 download from Amazon for $0.99. So it probably won’t cut too deep into your groceries budget, right?


I’ve almost got it down by heart. Sans guitar chords, unfortunately; but maybe next year? (**sigh** I sold my guitar years ago in a time of desperation. And now? Now my fingers twitch in phantom chords and picking patterns whenever music moves me.)


If you haven’t had a listen yet, or if you have but would welcome more ear love, here’s the YouTube vid that includes the lyrics closest to what I think they are. I hear “Sing it out . . .” where blascanto has “Singing out . . .” and “Will you reveal . . .” where blascanto has “When you reveal . . . .” (Go to YouTube to see the lyrics in the commentary that accompanies the video.)




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