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What is really real, really true in my life?

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I have to un-friend several people on my f-list . . . writers of explicit material whose WIP's I have been following. They are excellent story-tellers, and so I am reluctant to let them go. It's just that I'm really, really Catholic, and these stories bounce me between sin (when I read it all) and "near occasions of sin" (when I skip over explicit passages). As much as I enjoy the characters and stories--and as much as I appreciate the storytellers--this really doesn't fit at all with what I want for my life.

This isn't the only dead weight I'm cutting, either online or in real life. I feel I've wasted a great deal of time on various pursuits that don't challenge or improve me. It's time for me to buckle down and get serious about the person I want to be and the God I want to serve.

It's going to bug me that I won't know how several WIP's end. If you are a writer of one of the stories I've followed over the past year or so, I thank you for what I have learned about writing fiction and about relationships--especially the relationship between author and reader. Thank you for your dedication in responding to comments.

God bless every one of you. I wish you the best in real life. And whatever the life journey you find yourself on, I surely hope that we will cross paths in eternity.

I'll wait a couple of days before I actually un-friend anyone. Feel free to "beat me to it" if you are so inclined.

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Best wishes to you and yours


Got the de-friend message and (yep *GRIN*) popped on by to see what was what, LOL!

Just wanted to say that, although it's sad to see you go, I can certainly understand the desire to 'clean shop' and move onwards as your own heart and faith tells you.

I wish you the very best as you travel your journey's path, and truly hope you arrive at a place of peace and happiness.

Warmest regards

Re: Best wishes to you and yours

Yowch. Dropping your new story arch was one of the toughest--you wouldn't believe how much. But even though I'll miss AnK, I trust the way you treat your characters. I know you'll find a really good way to resolve the challenges you set up for them. And thank you for your comment--gracious, as you always are. :)

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